WGA# 1340736

Written by Kenny Knoll

The film is based on a 10yr old girl DAKOTA, whose mom is an unfit mother and her father is a convicted drug dealer. After being traumatized from their previous lifestyle, DAKOTA and her mom, Nicole, are rescued and taken in by Chu and Kai, two childhood friends of Nicole. Even though Abi lives with her mom in a better situation, it has not brought Nicole and DAKOTA closer. Instead, Abi grows close to Chu and eventually feels that Chu is her father. The problem is Chu is Chinese.

Colors Aside will show the racism that Chu and DAKOTA endure from different people in their lives. Since Nicole is a bartender that works at night, DAKOTA has to go through the emotional drama regarding the racism from others without her mom there for her. DAKOTA then looks to Kai as more of a mother figure.

Throughout the film, the idea of being a true family grows on Chu as well as Nicole. One night the feelings between the two are revealed and Chu decides it’s time to propose to Nicole and finally be a family with her and DAKOTA.

Besides exploring the harsh world of racism, the film follows a family dynamic. As the idea of finally being a family is presented to DAKOTA, her world feels like it’s falling into place. Nevertheless, one afternoon DAKOTA finds her mother dead in the bathroom, and DAKOTA’s world is spun once again.

Following Nicole’s death, DAKOTA is forced to return to her alcoholic father, since Nicole and Chu never made it down the aisle. After numerous court battles, Chu is unsuccessful in gaining custody of DAKOTA.

After some time, DAKOTA finds her way back to the Wong Family household, by taking a taxi all the way back. Eventually Duke, DAKOTA’s father, shows up to confront Chu. Duke pulls out a gun on Chu, causing a fight between the two. During the chaos, DAKOTA gets a hold of the gun and shoots Duke in the shoulder. Chu tells DAKOTA to go to her room but she doesn't she watches from above, then Chu finishes Duke off and is sentenced to ten years in prison. DAKOTA is then sent to her grandparents’ house, whom she’s never even met.

Ten years later, Chu comes home, where they are finally able to become a real family, putting all colors aside.